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The Masterclass offered by Erica Coffey is available to professional makeup artists, who want to refine and refresh their artistry skills, advance their presence in the industry and build their business. To introduce Erica Coffey’s first ever Masterclass, participants will learn how to recreate Erica’s highly requested wing eyeshadow, along with Erica’s formula to achieve an overall flawless look. 


What the Masterclass will cover? 


In this five-hour session, Erica will demonstrate her tips and tricks to create a complete makeup look, including glowing skin, immaculate complexion, brows, lips and her signature wing eyeshadow. Each participating artist will then recreate this look on a model under Erica’s supervision and personal guidance. Participants will also benefit from learning how Erica built a successful artistry business including: 

  • The importance of photography, capturing your work and content creation; 

  • Erica’s go-to makeup products and makeup kit necessities; and 

  • Industry involvement and engagement. 


What is included in the Masterclass price? 


  • Crown Brush Australia Brush set valued at … ; and 

  • Light snacks/ refreshments.  


What each artist will require to complete the Masterclass? 


  • Makeup kit including brushes; and  

  • Model for approximately 3 hours. 

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